Commercial Carpet Care, Raleigh NC

At Steam Giant, we provide commercial carpet cleaning services that cater to businesses, schools, or office buildings. No matter what Raleigh, NC, commercial cleaning services you need, we will provide timely, quality service at a reasonable price. We also pride ourselves on providing customers free onsite quotes given by the owner and operator.

raleigh carpet cleaning

260° Steam

Steam Giant’s on truck water heaters heat the steam to 260°  which is considerably hotter then all rental push units in order to effectively clean your commercial grade carpets.

Powerful Extraction

Steam Giant’s powerful commercial carpet cleaning equipment extracts most of the moisture used in the cleaning process requiring only a few hours to completely dry!

No Residue or Over-Wetting

Steam Giants commercial carpet cleaning process ensures that your carpets are thoroughly cleaned and brought back to their original PH without over-wetting or sticky residues.

Professional Grade Steam Cleaning

We offer the most competitive pricing for commercial carpet cleaning settings. We utilize truck-mounted cleaning for commercial building as well. In most cases the truck-mount cleaner is the only one that will clean it correctly. Because the commercial truck-mounted steam machine does not over wet and the temperature is so hot, there is no re-soiling or wet carpets when the business opens for work on Monday. Our owner will come to your business to do a on site quote and talk to you about all of your options. Commercial settings do not always allow us to use truck mount machines. In most cases we can reach 3 stories up. Our hoses go up to 500 feet. Otherwise you will need portable hot water extraction units or low- moisture encapsulation system that we don’t offer for high-rises.

raleigh nc commercial carpet steam cleaning