Raleigh Carpet Stain Removal

Raleigh-Durham professional spot and stain removal in carpets.

Our steam carpet cleaning process  can remove a wide variety of stains caused by heavy traffic, food, organic juice, dirt, and soil. Steam Giant strives to remove all stains in the basic steam carpet cleaning service. However, stains caused by synthetic dyes such as Gatorade and Kool Aid must undergo special stain removal procedures. Pet stains usually need special services. Whatever the case, there is no gaurantee that all of your stains will come out. However, we have been told we are great at removing them.  If you want us to under go special stain removal procedures, there could be a extra fee.

Other stains that must undergo special stain removal procedures include make-up, gum, tar, paint, food with synthetic coloring, pet, rust , furniture, crayon, printer ink, magic marker, pen ink, toothpaste, and coffee stains. These stains may or may not be included in out online price. We always let you know top front.

Be sure to notify your carpet cleaning technician about these areas when they arrive.

Pet Stain Removal

Food & Beverage Stain Removal

Organic Stain Removal