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One of the most advantageous things about a hardwood floor is that when it is damaged or is looking worse for wear, you can bring it to life again by sanding it and refinishing it. The thing to remember about this is that you might only be able to do this a couple of times if you have an engineered hardwood floor instead of a solid one. In both cases, if you want to avoid the cost for refinishing and the mess involved, consider giving professional hardwood floor cleaning a try first. It might surprise you how much better your hardwood floor could look.

consider giving professional hardwood floor cleaning a try

Regular cleaning of hardwood floors can result in buildup over the course of time that can make your floor look less attractive. It can also draw dirt, making it necessary to clean your floor more often. Doing a deep cleaning on your own without the right equipment and techniques for the type of hardwood floor you have could leave you with unsatisfactory results and damage to your floor. A professional uses proven techniques and water-based products that do not leave a lingering chemical smell.

Professional hardwood floor cleaning saves you from dealing with the dust that sanding causes during refinishing, so you’ll be back to normal sooner. Less downtime is an important benefit when you have a hectic schedule yet still want your hardwood floors to look their best.

If you would like to know more about hardwood floor cleaning, give us a call at Steam Giant. We will be happy to assess the condition of your floors to let you know if we can save you from refinishing with our effective technique to remove soil buildup. We are experienced with all types of hardwood flooring, including exotic and distressed wood flooring. Call today to learn more.