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Furniture cleaning at the same time as carpet cleaning makes a lot of sense

How do you know when it’s time for furniture cleaning? Here are five things you will recognize as good signs you might want to get your furniture steam cleaned by a certified professional from our team at Steam Giant:

  1. Already time to get your carpets cleaned? Furniture cleaning at the same time as carpet cleaning makes a lot of sense. It can lead to overall cost savings and efficiency, and it’s an easy way to remember how long it will be before you need them cleaned again.
  2. Concerned about pet stains or odors? One of the best ways to clean odors from fabrics is steam. This is partly because the high temperature is sufficient to kill bacteria that might survive without a thorough steam furniture cleaning.
  3. Problems with mites or bedbugs? Heated steam can also assist with the elimination of bed bugs and mold spores in your home if the carpet is dried effectively after cleaning.
  4. Interested in a good disinfectant? Colds, flu, or other viruses got your family down? Interested in a clean slate? Just like the bacteria associated with messes made by pets, hiring us to do the furniture cleaning to get rid of nasty cold-causing bacteria can help you rest easy.
  5. Sick of waiting for the furniture to dry? Don’t worry about shampooing your furniture and carpets. It could take the better part of the week to dry! Talk about a hassle. A furniture steam cleaning will dry much quicker and allow you to get back to your favorite shows and the regular family activities in the comfort of your home.