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Shampooing vs. Steam Cleaning Carpets

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There’s more than one way to clean carpets. Some professionals use the steam cleaning method, and others may choose to use the shampooing method. Both can get your carpets clean, but they are not the same.

Shampooing vs. Steam Cleaning Carpets

  • Shampooing: Having your carpets shampooed involves high-pressured water and high temperatures. A thick lather will be created on your carpets. This lather will help aid the professional to lift up stains and dirt. A second step is required with this type of carpet cleaning, as the shampoo will then need to be removed with clean, hot water.
  • Steam Cleaning: This carpet cleaning method does not use any shampoos– just high-pressured water and heat. This cleaning method does not require a second pass over with water to remove the shampoo because there is no shampoo used.

Both of these methods will get carpets clean. Many homeowners choose to go the steam cleaning route for several reasons. First, the dry time with steam cleaning is much shorter due to less water being used during the cleaning process. Second, a residue may be left behind from the shampoo being used. This residue can cause dirt to cling to the carpet more. Last, over time, the shampoo that is used may tinge your carpets a yellow color.

When you are ready to have your carpets cleaned, give us a call at Steam Giant. We are well-educated and experienced in all carpet cleaning methods. We are happy to answer any of your questions and help you to choose which method is right for you and your home.