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Whether your concern about indoor air quality is how fresh your home smells or you want to minimize contaminants for respiratory and overall health, there are many professional cleaning services that can make a difference. Gravity affects dust, dander, pollen, and other contaminants that get into your home, causing them to fall to the floor and imbed into your carpeting and other flooring. Your furniture is also housing more contaminants than you might expect, and your HVAC system circulates them throughout your home, despite keeping up with filter changes. That said, carpet cleaning services and other services can go a long way to improving indoor air quality and controlling odors.

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While you could do carpet cleaning on your own using a rental machine, the products used often do more damage than good in terms of indoor air quality and keeping your carpeting clean. That is because they leave behind a residue that attracts dirt, making your carpet get dirty again even quicker than before. Professional carpet cleaning is a better option, especially if they offer environmentally safe products that are non-allergen and non-toxic. The carpet cleaning professional you hire can also provide other services, such as furniture cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and hardwood floor cleaning, to further improve the indoor air quality of your home.

If you would like to learn about carpet cleaning and other services for your home, give us a call at Steam Giant. We would be happy to send a certified carpet cleaning tech to your home to discuss how our services can help you have a healthier, cleaner home. With our odor management, pet stain and odor cleaning, and other services, you’ll be able to breathe freely!