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Hardwood Floor Cleaning, Raleigh, NC

Our hardwood floor cleaning takes care of the everyday soil buildup to restore the beauty of your hardwood floors.

Installing hardwood flooring at your Raleigh, North Carolina home or business can represent a sizeable investment, so it stands to reason that you want to care for it properly in order to get the many years of performance from it that you deserve. One way to do that is to call us at Steam Giant for your hardwood floor cleaning needs. We can visit your home or business on a regular basis to give your floors a thorough cleaning to remove everyday soil buildup or set up ongoing hardwood floor cleaning so you never have to worry about doing it yourself again.As a certified firm with the IICRC (Institute of Inspection and Cleaning Restoration, now known as The Clean Trust), you can be confident we will handle your hardwood floor cleaning professionally using the proper techniques and cleaning products. We can even use an environmentally friendly product upon request.We are equipped and experienced to perform hardwood floor cleaning on any type of hardwood floor, including distressed wood flooring and exotic hardwoods. If you are thinking your hardwood floor needs sanding and refinishing, it is worth having us assess whether that is the case or if our professional hardwood floor cleaning service could save you money and avoid the dust and mess. Since our products are water-based and safe for people and pets, you won’t even have a lingering chemical smell afterward.If you would like to know more about our hardwood floor cleaning or any of our other services, including air duct and dryer vent cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, or carpet cleaning, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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No Dust

Because there is no sanding – making it sandless and dustless.

No Odor

Because we use all water-based products, we are safe for people and pets. There’s no lingering chemical smell.

No Residue or Over-Wetting

Most jobs are completed in one day and you can move back onto your refinished area in 24 hours or less. Another great feature of water-based products is… no dust to clean, no odor to contend with.

OUR Carpet Cleaning Methods

When it comes to carpet cleaning, Steam Giant Carpet Cleaning acknowledges the need to use the right tools. Most carpet cleaning procedures are performed with a 2 jet carpet cleaning wand and will get most jobs done properly. We use a titanium 6 jet supper 15 inch wide wand for maximum cleaning. This speeds up the cleaning process so that we can keep our cleaning rates lower than our competitors.

The wand cleaning method makes passes on the pre-treated carpet delivering up to 260 degrees of steam and water. While the steam is being delivered on each pass it is extracted immediately through the wand and vacuum hose on the next pass. Our truck mounted system extracts the soil, water, dust, and hair right out into the waste recovery tank located inside our van leaving behind a soft, fluffy, and clean carpet every time.

OTHER Carpet Cleaning Methods

You may ask your self which method of cleaning is the correct one for me? There are so many options on the internet today. From dry cleaning to shampooing, why should I use steam? To answer your question simply, the only way to do it is using truck-mounted steam. All of the major carpet manufacturers state in the warrenty that if you clean the carpet with any other method that the warrenty will be void. Most of the warrenties also state that you must have it steam cleaned once a year to preserve the carpets warranty. The other cleaning methods cause abbraision to the fibers because there is a powdery residue left behind causing rapid re-soiling and poor indoor air quality.

So, call on Steam Giant to give your carpet a complete extraction using only the hottest steam leaving no residue behind.

What our customers are saying:

Michael was amazing to work with and did a great job. Even traveled a distance in the snow to complete my job. I would highly recommend them.
Karen M.
Karen M.
04:29 21 Feb 20
Mike just left. They were very nice. Easy to communicate with. Worked hard to get hair off chair. Hoping things sparkle when they dry. Also cleaned air...
Erika R.
Erika R.
13:40 27 Jan 20
Mike and Montee were punctual, extremely communicative and did a fantastic job! Trustworthy and professional; highly recommend . My dog didn't bark at them... which means they are good people 🙂
Laura Di Puma
Laura Di Puma
21:15 17 Jan 20
Mike was friendly, professional, efficient and punctual. He explained products that he used to clean my carpets, my carpets were very clean and dried within 4 hours. Pricing was competitive as well.
Awie Turay
Awie Turay
01:59 16 Dec 19
Bought a new clothes dryer and immediately got a warning about a clogged dryer vent. Steam Giant answered my yelp request on the weekend and responded promptly. He was able to clear the clog in a timely fashion and gave us great tips for preventing this in the future.
Jay Vora
Jay Vora
13:31 14 Dec 19
I've been using Steam Giant for over 5 years. Mike and team did a fantastic job cleaning our townhome in preparation for a new family member. Highly recommend Steam Giant!
Benjamin Burner
Benjamin Burner
15:21 07 Dec 19
Great experience. They showed up on time, cleaned all carpets, hit all traffic areas with extra care, and was extremely professional. My carpets look amazing and I plan to use them again when needed. I would highly recommend Steam Giant to anyone.
Cindy Womble
Cindy Womble
14:02 01 Nov 19
Very professional, reasonable and affordable cleaning services. Mike and his helper was right on time as they promised. Would surely recommend their services.
Deepak K.
Deepak K.
13:32 10 Sep 19
Great communication and arrived on time. First time ever getting carpet cleaned and was really impressed. All dirty locations are now clean. Job was done...
Stan T.
Stan T.
03:30 23 Jun 19

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