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If you are a pet owner, then chances are you may already feel like you have tried EVERYTHING for pet stain cleaning. You probably started with shampooing carpets and maybe even a wet vac, but if you are at your wits’ end and feel like you have spent forever cleaning and cleaning just to watch the pet stain cleaning needs of your home increase, you are not alone. When pets are a priority, pet stain cleaning becomes a priority too. It is recommended that pet owners vacuum multiple times a week, clean high-traffic areas two to four times per year, and clean the entire carpet professionally no less than twice per year.

pet stain cleaning

Here are some basics about shampooing carpets: It involves the use of at least one detergent and possibly additional chemicals for disinfectant purposes. It will probably still fail to clean everything from your carpet, and you’ll end up with another thing left in the carpet– the chemical residue.

Steam cleaning, in contrast, cleans almost everything from carpets (including usually killing the eggs of things like fleas that the dog or cat might bring home). It is done mostly with ultra-heated steam, which minimizes the need for chemical usage in pet stain cleaning.

Having our team at Steam Giant do the pet stain cleaning for your home comes with the additional advantages of using certified cleaners (including environmentally friendly and non-toxic options available) and steam heated to 250 degrees! This should also result in faster drying than shampooing after a highly efficient and disinfecting professional steam cleaning process. Spot cleaning is usually already included in your price, and there won’t be any hidden fees to worry about.