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Carpet Cleaning

Raleigh Steam Carpet Cleaning

Are you in need of Raleigh’s #1 carpet cleaning service? Look no further. Steam Giant is a locally owned and operated carpet cleaning company. Let us do the work! Renting a carpet cleaning machine is a time-consuming task that many of our clients do not have the time to tackle themselves. By the time you add the rental cost plus the cost of the carpet cleaning chemicals, you pay almost the same amount. For a variety of services that include furniture cleaning, tile and grout pressure steaming, or your basic carpet cleaning needs, just give us a call.


Steam Giant’s on truck water heaters heat the steam to 260°  which is considerably hotter then all rental push units.

Powerful Extraction

Steam Giant’s powerful equipment extracts most of the moisture used in the cleaning process requiring only a few hours to completely dry!

No Residue or Over-Wetting

Steam Giants process ensures that your carpets are thoroughly cleaned and brought back to their original PH without over-wetting or sticky residues.

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OUR Carpet Cleaning Methods

When it comes to carpet cleaning, Steam Giant Carpet Cleaning acknowledges the need to use the right tools. Most carpet cleaning procedures are performed with a 2 jet carpet cleaning wand and will get most jobs done properly. We use a titanium 6 jet supper 15 inch wide wand for maximum cleaning. This speeds up the cleaning process so that we can keep our cleaning rates lower than our competitors.

The wand cleaning method makes passes on the pre-treated carpet delivering up to 260 degrees of steam and water. While the steam is being delivered on each pass it is extracted immediately through the wand and vacuum hose on the next pass. Our truck mounted system extracts the soil, water, dust, and hair right out into the waste recovery tank located inside our van leaving behind a soft, fluffy, and clean carpet every time.

OTHER Carpet Cleaning Methods

You may ask your self which method of cleaning is the correct one for me? There are so many options on the internet today. From dry cleaning to shampooing, why should I use steam? To answer your question simply, the only way to do it is using truck-mounted steam. All of the major carpet manufacturers state in the warrenty that if you clean the carpet with any other method that the warrenty will be void. Most of the warrenties also state that you must have it steam cleaned once a year to preserve the carpets warranty. The other cleaning methods cause abbraision to the fibers because there is a powdery residue left behind causing rapid re-soiling and poor indoor air quality.

So, call on Steam Giant to give your carpet a complete extraction using only the hottest steam leaving no residue behind.

What our customers are saying:

 Kirstin S.
Kirstin S.Cary, NC

These guys were awesome! We chatted on Friday and they squeezed me in on Saturday, driving out of there way to do so. They were super friendly and did a great job. They were also very thorough and fair priced. I will def use again!

Anthony P.
Anthony P.Cary, NC

Mike the owner showed up right on time. He did a great job and did it for a fair price. They were polite, respectful, and cleaned up after themselves. They use heavy duty commercial cleaning equipment and had a nice van with company logo’s on it. I would use them again.

Elliana Astor
Elliana AstorLocal Guide

Wonderful company. Polite, and professional. I am going to schedule to have them come clean my antique rugs. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. As a matter of fact, I’m going to tell my whole subdivision!
Thank you so much!