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If you are looking for pet odor cleaning for your home’s furniture and carpets, Steam Giant is your solution! We take each customer’s needs personally by having a top-of-the-line steam machine heater that gets to 250 degrees to produce ultra-heated steam perfect for banishing the bacteria and cleaning the associated pet odors from your home and carpets. Heated steam can also assist with the elimination of bed bugs and mold spores in your home if the carpet is dried effectively after cleaning. Don’t worry about shampooing your carpet for pet odor cleaning, as steam will dry in up to 48 hours and break down the dirt as well as or better than shampooing carpets and furniture.

pet odor cleaning

We also can’t emphasize enough how important ultra-heated steam is for getting a good carpet cleaning for pet odor cleaning. We include hallways and attached closets to the prices quoted for the cleaning of 4 or more rooms in your home. We recommend that you remove furniture from each room before we come in so we can increase the cleaning efficiency and give the carpet plenty of time to dry. You’ll be delighted by the lack of pet odors when all is said and done! Of course, we are also willing to clean your carpets around your furniture and/or add the steam cleaning of your furniture to the services provided to you at the same time.

We know you want to clean the pet odors from your home as soon as possible, and we are here to help! Contact us today to learn more.