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The Health Benefits of Vent Cleaning

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When you think about it, dryers play a big part in our everyday lives. On average, we use them between 2 to 10 times a week. A lot of lint is produced in the process, increasing the chances that your dryer vent will get clogged at some point. To ensure you get the best from your dryer, you should schedule dryer vent cleaning twice a year.

The Health Benefits of Vent Cleaning

A clean vent will not only serve your dryer well, but it can also have indirect health benefits for you, such as:

  • Preventing Dryer Fires. Dryer-related fires are a concern in homes. Dry lint is the culprit in most cases since it catches fire easily. Therefore, removing lint build-ups as often as possible is advisable to avoid this risk.
  • Avoiding Microbes and Allergens. A backed-up vent makes your dryer less effective, making it a hotbed for mold, dust, microbes, and other allergens. If not properly vented, they will find their way into the air circulating in your home, leading to poor air quality and health risks. The good news is that you can eliminate them with regular dryer vent cleaning.
  • Keeping the Toxins Out. While electric dryers are more common nowadays, some homes still use gas dryers. Gas dryers rely on vents to release exhaust gases like carbon monoxide. Too much lint, however, can trap these gases and redirect them to your dryer. This increases the risk of exposure, so it’s important to keep your dryer vents free-flowing at all times.

With over 10 years of dryer vent cleaning experience, we are committed to helping you keep your dryer vent clear. If you live in Raleigh, North Carolina or the surrounding areas, book an appointment with us today.