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There is no debate that you walk across your floors multiple times each day, and it is important to hire a floor cleaning company to keep them looking their best. What you might not have thought about is that you probably spend far more time in your favorite recliner or lounging on the sofa so the upholstery gets far more abuse than the floors, in most cases. Professional upholstery cleaning provides the best chance of restoring your furniture without damaging the fabric or not getting it as clean as you’d like. Here are the top 3 reasons to hire a professional upholstery cleaning company on a regular basis.

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1.  Improved Indoor Air Quality– Any number of contaminants exist in your home that can adversely affect indoor air quality – dirt, dander, pollen, dead skin cells, and other debris. They get transferred to your furniture from you, your family, and pets, as well as settle from the air. When someone sits on the furniture, some of these are imbedded into the fabric while others are made airborne again.

2.  Prevent Health Concerns– As the contaminants become airborne again, they are able to enter your respiratory system. Upholstery cleaning that is done on a regular basis goes a long way to controlling allergens and pollutants that can bother everyone’s health, particularly allergy sufferers.

3.  Restore Appearance– These days, anything you can do that makes you a bit happier is a plus. Gazing upon your furniture that has been restored to its former glory with upholstery cleaning could just make your day a bit more special! Don’t let a dirty sofa keep you from entertaining when professional upholstery cleaning can make it look great again.

If you would like to improve your home’s indoor air quality, prevent health concerns, and restore the appearance of your furniture, give us a call at Steam Giant to schedule our upholstery cleaning services. You can do this as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with any of our floor cleaning services to give your home the special attention it deserves.